Gray Group Real Estate & Design

I received a letter from Chris Gray as I was getting ready to put my house up for sale. Typically, I ignore these sort of letters, however Chris’ picture looked very honest and plus he had had work experience in China, so I gave him a call to come over. He brought with him a very well-put together proposal with market statistics of my home and a marketing plan. This pleased me and made me think that he was prepared and professional.

The result was exactly what we had planned out! In only 3 short weeks, my property set a record price in the neighborhood. This was met with much gratitude from the neighbors in raising property values for the entire building. Chris’ success is not only attributed to his ability to effectively communicate with Chinese clients, but he is also an extremely honest person and skillful at communicating with English-speaking buyers. He also pays close attention to detail and knows how to beautifully present a house. I am extremely happy to recommend Chris to everyone!

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