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Venice, Los Angeles Real Estate Knowledge

The trendy shops, bars and cafes along Abbot Kinney Boulevard mixed with the street performers, motley coastal characters and the smell of incense wafting through the Venice strand culminate together to give the city a Bohemian funk unique to any other area of Los Angeles.
By the city of Venice originally began from a 2-mile stretch of coastal land just south of Santa Monica. It was developed by Abbot Kinney in 1905 as a small resort town, originally called “Venice of America.” As its name suggests, Kinney modeled it after its Italian counterpart by digging up canals in a section of the city in order to drain the surrounding marshes to construct homes. There was even an amusement park at the Kinney Pier, which drew tourists from all over the city and country.
The history of Venice from its establishment in the early 20th century to today has been marked with trial and tribulation. The mismanagement of Venice caused the board to merge with city of Los Angeles in 1926. The city helped pave roads and establish new public utilities but thereafter neglected the unique neighborhood.
In the 1950s, Venice became a haven for not only immigrants, but countercultural artists, poets and writers. This gave the city a unique artistic flare, with murals and art still observed today. However, thereafter gang violence was an issue with neighborhoods such as Oakwood being redlined.
Not until about the early 2000s did Venice begin to be gentrify buffered with a larger police presence. The area always attracted a more artistic crowd, but in the 2010s it began drawing tech startups like Snapchat, establishing their headquarters in Venice. Next, other tech startups like Wevr, System1, Gem, StackCommerce and more joined the scene. Even tech elite like Google opened an office in Venice with large pair of upside-down black binoculars as the building’s front elevation on Main Street. With the companies and talent brought new shops, tourists and developers.
For only a two-mile stretch of coastal land, Venice has roughly 13 neighborhoods: Silver Strand, Oxford Triangle, Marina Peninsula, Silver Triangle, North Venice, South Venice, Presidents Row, Venice Canals, the Walk Streets, Oakwood, North OFW (Ocean Front Walk), NoRo (North of Rose Avenue) and Penmar, including the rest of Venice located east of Lincoln Blvd.
The residential landscape of Venice is noted by smaller lots sizes (average of 4,000 square feet) with older California bungalows next to modern two-story many times doubling or tripling the original square footage. Just a street or two over can land someone in a completely different Venice neighborhood and feel. Thus, the sidewalk lined Walk Streets can morph into canals with bridges and gondoliers to bungalows in Oakwood to multiple story beach homes along the Silver Strand. So much architectural diversity in such a small coastal land mass coupled with trendy shops, cafes, bars and restaurants along 5th Ave, Lincoln and Abbot Kinney keep attracting people to Venice from not only the country but world.

Benefits of Living in Venice

The main draw to Venice today is that it has the beach with an upscale artsy edge. It’s very popular among millennials who work in a tech company, but also a draw for families due to the high-rated schools.
Venice borders Santa Monica to the south and Marina Del Rey to the north with Mar Vista and Culver City to the east. It is commonly said that people who live in coastal towns like Venice don’t or rarely travel east of the I-405 further into the city. This does hold some validity of its residents.
Most of the commercial amenities like shops, cafes, bars and restaurants lie along Abbot Kinney, Rose Ave, Lincoln, and of course the famous Venice boardwalk. Since Venice could be said to have started the Silicon Beach namesake, which then spread to neighboring cities like Santa Monica and Culver City, there are tech offices scattered through Venice.
People who live in Venice very much stay in Venice. The lifestyle is very much a relaxed upscale lifestyle: live, work, play and go to the beach.

Venice Real Estate Knowledge

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Dining, Shopping & Entertainment


There are several hotel options in Venice. On the south border is the Kinney Hotel and the Venice Beach House. In the center of Venice is a four-star hotel called Hotel Erwin.

There is a handful of smaller hotels throughout Venice, however you can find many accommodations in neighboring cities. Marina Del Rey has a four-star Marriott and five-star Ritz Carlton. North of Venice in Santa Monica are a plethora of options. Hotels bordering Venice would be Shutters and the Lowes Hotel Santa Monica.


Venice offers a great assortment of restaurants. On Abbot Kinney, there is the ever-popular Gjelina, serving American cuisine and gourmet oven-roasted pizza. The Butcher’s Daughter is great for those looking for vegan options.

On Lincoln, try Wurstküche for amazing brats and beers. The other restaurant of theirs is all the way in the Art District downtown. For Italian, head to Double Zero also on Lincoln.

Café Gratitude on Rose Ave is a hotspot for coffee and pastries. Across the street is American Beauty for a great and quick burger, chicken sandwich and fries.

There are several other amazing restaurants. Just stick to Rose, Lincoln and Abbot Kinney or a little off the boardwalk for some great eats.


If you are looking for a mall, you will need to head north to the Santa Monica Place on Colorado or the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica. However, Venice is amazing for those eclectic items not found anywhere else.

The boardwalk can get touristy, but walking along Abbot Kinney and strolling in and out of the shops is the best bet to find unique, trendy clothes, nicknacks, and other fun items.


Venice is much more of a laidback, loungy sort-of vibe when it comes to nightlife entertainment. Once again, Abbot Kinney has some good offerings with The Brig, Roosterfish and the Microsoft Lounge. High Rooftop Lounge is enjoyable for drinks with an ocean view.

Parks & Nature

Venice Beach is a park playground in and of itself. Renting some rollerblades or bikes and going along the boardwalk is always a blast. There’s also a skate park to to participate in or just spectate. There are even paddle courts, tennis courts, and the world-famous Muscle Beach outdoor gym. Not to mention, surfing at the beach.

Off Pacific Ave, there is a Westminster dog park. For my traditional recreation parks, there is the Oakwood, Ozone and Triangle Parks. The Triangle Park being the smallest.

Top-Rated Schools in Venice

The high-rated Venice schools are a huge draw for families. Not only are there the public schools, but also charter and private schools.

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