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Everyone has heard of the Silicon Valley in San Francisco’s Bay area, popularized for its mega incubator of tech startups and companies. But Los Angeles decided it can also play in this game. Or perhaps it was that tech companies wanted some more fun in the sun for their work/play environment, so a handful of tech companies moved down to Los Angeles.
More specifically, tech companies set up shop in the beach cities of Venice, Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey, and Playa Vista. Tech giants who established offices in the region are Google, Facebook, Snapchat, Hulu, Youtube, Entertainment Arts (EA), Dollar Shave Club, and others. Thus, this region of coastal cities is known as LA’s tech hub. Culver City, although landlocked just on the other side of the Mar Vista neighborhood, can also be included in the Silicon Beach cities.
Similar to the boom in real estate that occurred in Silicon Valley, the same phenomenon is happening in each of these cities, most notably is Venice as the largest concentration of tech is centered there. In the past, Venice was more or less a coastal ghetto, known for its roaming beach gangs. Now, gated two- or three-story newly built homes in the walk streets and along the canals are going up in record time and for $3 million plus. Playa Vista is a little more affordable especially for young professionals, as well as Culver City. But these areas, as well as real estate in predominantly residential areas of Mar Vista and Palms, will continue to go up in value as overflow from Venice and Santa Monica look for more economic housing, relatively speaking.


Venice real estate captures the bohemian spirit birthed by the bungalows and canals with the hip energy of Abbot Kinney and Silicon Beach.

Santa Monica

Santa Monica’s coastal living brings the luxury and convenience of Beverly Hills to the water with a huge array of architectural options.

Playa Vista

LA’s only master-planned coastal community in Silicon Beach with lots of new construction and great amenities.

Marina Del Rey

LA’s only master-planned coastal community in Silicon Beach with lots of new construction and great amenities.

Culver City

The explosion of tech in Culver City has revitalized the downtown area with new construction, remodeled homes and a neighborhood that has “up and came.”

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