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Discover Homes at Point Dume in Malibu

Point Dume is one of a select few areas in Malibu on the beach side of the Pacific Coast Highway to actually have enough land to have a full-on neighborhood with multiple streets, hotels, a school and more. Typically, the PCH hugs the coast so tight that only a single row of houses is able to be built on the beach. Beside the few neighbors on the left and right and of course the beach, there is not much else.
Point Dume is a promontory in the center of the coast of Malibu which juts out into the Pacific Ocean. It was originally named for a Franciscan priest, but was misspelled on a map, so thus came the name ‘Dume.’ The area really did not become inhabited until Post-World War II, where small rudimentary homes were built. This was after the PCH was built which allowed much easier access to Malibu from Los Angeles. It was not until the early 2000s that the original houses built were torn down to make the large luxury villas that Point Dume is known for.
The area is unique because it not only has the Point Dume Elementary but has Malibu High School just a stone’s throw away. There is also a shopping center called the Point Dume Village for all the essentials and services. Plus, there are a couple hotels like the Malibu Country Inn and Jet Luxury Resorts.
But of course, the main attraction is Point Dume State Beach where people can enjoy great surfing and beach activities, as well as rock climbing and more.

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