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What to Know About Beachfront Property in Malibu

Malibu is divided by the 1 Freeway or the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) which stretches from its most southern or western point all the way up. The highway divides Malibu beach from the bluffs and mountains of Malibu. The real estate on the beach is, for the most part, more prized and therefore more valuable than homes up on bluffs and in the mountains. However, there are pros and cons: although most homes on the beach side of the PCH have direct or closer access to the beach, the PCH with its sometimes-heavy traffic and noise can be a nuisance. Likewise, just driving a minute up from the PCH, homes are in a family-friendly neighborhood with breathtaking ocean views, and no pesky sand or traffic noise. It is really a preference.

Another item to note is that homes on the beach have a much less likelihood of danger in the event of a Malibu fire. Here are the notable residential beaches in Malibu:

Point Dume

Malibu’s Point Dume is a section of coastline which juts out into the Pacific Ocean, which is nestled between Zuma Beach and Paradise Cove. It is one of Malibu’s only neighborhood-like communities since the PCH does not hug the coastline in this area and it has its own elementary school, outdoor shopping center called Point Dume Village, hotels and restaurants. Thus, it is highly coveted real estate.

Carbon Beach, or Billionaire’s Beach

This is a row of homes bordering La Costa beach and just south of the Malibu pier. It is commonly referred to as “Billionaire’s Beach” for its ultra-luxe homes and semi-private beaches. Homes here can go from several million to $40 million with one currently on the market for $75 million. It has been the home to business magnate David Geffen and others who attempted to have the beach made private. However, the beach is still not very known and extremely clean.

Paradise Cove

The quiet white sandy beach is just north of Escondido Beach and the Malibu Cove Colony. Similar to Carbon beach, homes also sell here for sometimes north of $40 million.

The Colony

This was one of the first areas officially developed in Malibu after May Rindge, the “queen of Malibu,” was forced to let lease the land in the 20s, and then start selling it off in the 40s. It is a gated community of about 100 homes which was residence to some of Old Hollywood greats and continues to attract wealth and fame locally and all over the world.

La Costa Beach

La Coast is just south of Billionaire’s Beach, but it is unique in that it has no public access point from the PCH, unlike Carbon beach which is a bit hidden but present. There are many new modern masterpieces as well as Mediterranean-style homes and residents here can take advantage of the exclusive La Costa Beach Club.

Escondido Beach

This beach can be challenging for public access which makes it a Malibu resident’s dream, as the wide sandy beaches are ideal for walking and doing other beach activities.

Encinal Bluffs

This area can be thought of as the Holmby Hills of Malibu. Not only does this area take full advantage of the beach and different heights from the bluffs, but homes in this neighborhood are on sprawling estates with several acres versus the narrow lots found on the PCH. Homes in this area can sell for up to $100 million or more.

Malibu Cove Colony

Not to be confused with Malibu’s The Colony, the Malibu Cove Colony is further up the coast closer to Point Dume. It is also a private gated community but homes here are elevated on wood piles or concrete caissons versus being built directly on the sand.


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