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Beverly Crest Real Estate Knowledge

Beverly Crest is an expansive area in the Beverly Hills 90210-zip code that has a wide range of properties. It can be thought of as the “hills” of Beverly Hills. From Hyatt heirs Anthony Pritzker’s almost 50,000 square foot home to $600,000 homes on very small lots with no views, the range of homes in this area is enormous.
The neighborhood connects Bel Air to the west with the Hollywood Hills West to the east and Mulholland Drive to the north, where it comes to a point at Sunset Boulevard in the south. It encompasses the Beverly Glen neighborhood, Benedict, Franklin and Coldwater canyons. This is basically another way of saying the area of Beverly Hills Post Office or BHPO, minus the Beverly Glen neighborhood. See the Beverly Crest map.
Beverly Crest was initially developed by George Read in the 1920s who promoted it to industry types as “the balcony” of Beverly Hills. At the time, there was pent up demand for housing near Beverly Hills from Old Hollywood.
However, the neighborhood flourished especially after World War II with advances in real estate development. The two to three thousand square foot Tudors, Georgians and Spanish Colonial styles of the past were replaced with five to ten thousand square foot contemporary homes on hillside lots which before was an impossibility. Houses were bigger, views were greater, and there were more homes dotting the hills of Beverly Crest.

Top-Rated Schools in and around Beverly Crest

There are three public elementary schools within the boundaries of Beverly Crest: Roscomare Road, Warner Avenue and Wonderland Avenue. There are also a handful of exceptional private schools.

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