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Knowledge about Benedict Canyon Homes

Benedict Canyon is one of the famous canyons in Beverly Hills, also a part of the Rancho de las Aguas (“Ranch of the Waters”). The canyon was named after Edson Benedict, who took residence in the canyon in the late 1800s and built a large apiary (beehive farm). One of his sons also was elected on the Beverly Hills Board of Trustees at the time of the city’s incorporation.
To this day, Benedict Canyon is regarded as an incredible and prestigious part of Beverly Hills to call home. The canyon is traversed by heading north on Benedict Canyon Drive, which passes the Beverly Hills Hotel on its west side. This road meanders through the canyon with many sub-neighborhoods branching off until it dead-ends right into Mulholland Estates on Mulholland Drive. Benedict canyon connects Beverly Hills and the Westside to the city of Sherman Oaks in the San Fernando Valley to the north. Word to the wise: this can be a great alternative to take to get over the hill if Coldwater Canyon Drive is too backed up with traffic.

Benefits of living in Benedict Canyon

Lifestyle and Homes in Benedict Canyon

Homes flank both sides of Benedict Canyon Drive. Smaller streets branch off of the thoroughfare and meander deeper into the canyon, hiding even larger luxury homes and estates with expansive city views. Similar to Coldwater canyon, the most expensive homes with the generous amounts of flat land and larger gated lots are closer to Sunset Boulevard, which is where Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos bought his home for $150 million in 2019.
However, not all homes in Benedict Canyon are over $100 million. There is a wide range with homes along a narrow street called Westwanda Drive going for in the low 1s. This is due to a lack of views and in a narrow canyon.
Driving through Benedict Canyon, you will notice the many signs opposing a luxury hotel with the possibility of being built in the canyon. It would be a 99-room resort with a residential community. Residents are very opposed to the plan and its potential is still uncertain.
For those sensitive to Beverly Hills services and schools, the canyon is divided roughly in half with the lower portion as Beverly Hills proper. Further north to Mulholland Drive is regarded as Beverly Hills Post Office (BHPO). However, all is in the famed 90210-zip code.

Parks & Nature

In neighboring Beverly Glen, there is the De Neve Square Park and the Beverly Glen Park, of which Westwanda Drive dead ends. Franklin Canyon Park is also just to the east of Benedict Canyon.

Top-Rated Schools in and around Benedict Canyon

Besides plenty of celebrities in Benedict Canyon, the neighborhood is popular among families due to its proximity to exceptional schools. Beverly Hills proper takes advantage of the city’s top-rated public school system, however homes in BHPO can choose from a number of great private school options in the San Fernando Valley just over the hills. Traffic is also generally less when to and from the San Fernando Valley.

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